Ladies and Gentlemen “The Mane Event”

Red is known to be a color of champions

Can hair influence track performance? Can the Sprinter Girl Actually Go Faster? Do the sleek colorful styles and shapes make a real difference?

Track Meet Best Practices For the End User..That’s You and Your Athlete

Dad's 2010  JO Pics 010_300

  As many teams across the county know, hosting a quality,well run,organized

How Do You Give A Corrective Statement To Your Athlete?


As the old sayings go, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and “a little sugar goes a long way!” When coaching, do you keep these concepts in mind?

A Funny Sight In Deed


      How Fast Is Shaq? Can you teach a world class B-Ball Player to sprint like a World Recorder holder?

I’m BACKKKKK… TrackMom Diaries MY “JO” Review Part 1


  TrackMom Diaries lets catch up now