Crazy Sports Parents Behavior And Comments Under The Umbrella

Is This A Must Bring To A Youth Track Meet??

As long as there are people roaming the earth there will be Crazy Parents disrupting what should be a fun filled day of youth sports .. That being said, I went on the search for crazy parent responses to their children’s youth sports activity at their worst.It didn’t take me more than one minute of Google  searching to find more than a few crazy stories of parent gone mad.

Happily, in my brief search I didn’t find one over the top story of a track parent doing absolutely bonkers, well at least to the degree of being mentioned and convicted of a crime…So for this I am thankful.

 With that being said I have heard  and over heard my share of conversation under the umbrella  which has included  the following topics woeful gossip, a coach which will go unnamed said…, do you think that a highschool athlete that misses x-amount of tested meets is guilty of cheating? Oh my favorite….I saw that mom mixing “stuff” in a cup and giving it to her athlete and he always runs faster than most kids his age do you think she is giving him SOMETHING???

My mental response is REALLY do we always have to go to the worst case scenario, why not simply say all stand-outs from Angela Williams  to Obea Moore to Bryce Love  have been  drinking something …How about  it could simply be  protein shake? Or any other host of  inoccuous food and or drink combinations .  

So  TP’s ( Track Parents) remember your unexamined  words and actions are hurtful to the athletes the parents of these athletes,non productive, vindictive, in  most cases flat out lies and in all cases  leaves our sport just that much more vulnerable and debilitated as a sport to be respected and admired.  Below are the over the top behaviors I found on the website

  1.  Mom drops referee with a BRICK IN PURSE

Mom had decides to join the fray of a fight on soccer field and she downed a couple of people indiscriminately with her handbag. She broke the referee’s jaw. It turned out that she had a real brick in her handbag! For just-in-case…..    File under:  “Put the purse down ma’am” 

2. Coach carries cleaver “JUST  IN CASE”

Middle School Volleyball team  disqualified from a game because of derogatory comments made by a fan.

“Volleyball Coach Toni Gay, overcome with white-hot fury, walks out to her car, grabs a meat cleaver and tried to bring it back inside with her. While we can only speculate on why she happened to have a cleaver in her car, there isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room when it comes to figuring out why she would want to introduce one to an argument”. File under: No Weapons Allowed

 3. Inner team conflict can definitely ruin an organization’s chances for success. Parent decides to “remove the bothersome kid that is bugging his kid.

This parents method of “ removing”the problem was adding ipecac (ie “a chemical that makes you vomit violently”) to a juice bottle, then have your kid  give it to the kid who’s pissing him off. Eight kids end up violently vomiting and going to the emergency room. File Under: Don’t  drink anything mommy doesn’t give you or doesn’t  have an intact seal…. Forget that just don’t take anything from anyone but mommy. 

I guess that is enough to give you the picture….. Let’s decide to be a positive in our sport and most important in our children’s lives as we lead with great examples not the above  ”Crazy Sports Parent Behavior”


  1. Linda Barrow says:

    What do you think about parents that support a coach like this. Please sign my petition if you agree with me. Our children should not be coached like this.


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