Dealing with Over-Involved Parents


Are you a Helicopter Parent?, Overbearing Sports Dad?, Know It All About Everything  Related To Your Kid? If this isn’t you (of course not…please read on for the friend you sit next to at the track meets week in and week out. 


 Written byRunBlogRun’s  Roy Stevenson

There’s not a track coach in the country that hasn’t come across overzealous parents at one time or another. I’ve heard coaches refer to some parents as tp’s (terrorist parents), cp’s (controlling parents), or hp’s, (helicopter parents who hover over every moment of their teen’s life). This over-involvement and interference with athletes, and coaches who are just trying to do their job, can be a major burden on the unprepared coach.

Some of these over-involved parents are simply misguided; thinking their son or daughter is the best, when results indicate otherwise. Others expect their athlete offspring to win everything so they can get a scholarship at University. Many parents want their kids to win as an extension of their own ego, or for bragging rights in their social circles, or because they were good athletes back in their day.

Whatever the reason for the parent’s expectations, their behavior is often shocking. You’ve seen it before: chewing out the coach, swearing at him or her, or even their child or athletes on other teams. Here are some tips on how to deal with overzealous parents. Following this advice will make your life easier and take some of the stress off the teenage athletes. Onerous as it may be, it is your responsibility to clarify your expectations with parents.

First, realize that 99% of all parents are sane and workable; they just need to be trained like their athlete progeny. A common strategy is to actively educate them with verbal and written material. Read The Entire Article Here

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